Accessibility policy


We are dedicated to ensuring that the content on our website is accessible and user-friendly for all visitors. We are actively engaged in enhancing the accessibility and usability of our website.

Our goal is to meet the standards required for compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 level AA, following the recommended practices outlined in WebAIM's WCAG 2 checklist.



We advise using the latest versions of assistive technology applications and web browsers to optimize your experience. Our website allows you to personalize the presentation and style of content by using the features provided by your web browser or extensions. This includes options like increasing text size and adjusting text contrast. Keeping your browser up to date ensures a wider range of accessibility choices.


Third-party Content

Our website may feature content provided by third-party sources. While we do not control content from these vendors, we strongly encourage third-party content providers to offer materials that are accessible and user-friendly.



Your input can help us uphold the quality of our website. If you encounter challenges while viewing or navigating our content or notice any features or functionalities that may not be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, please get in touch using the contact information provided at the end of this document. Describe the specific feature that you find to be inaccessible or offer suggestions for improvement. We value your feedback and will consider it as we explore ways to cater to all our visitors while upholding our commitment to accessibility.


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